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The Dispatch Labor System in China Questioned

29 September 2011

Click here to download this introduction in PDF format CLNT_strike_law_intro This issue of China … Labor News Translations (CLNT) features three excerpts from published Chinese-language articles on … the labor dispatch system in China. In the past several years, the use of dispatch labor has become … a contentious issue in Chinese labor relations. Under the labor dispatch system, workers sign labor … contracts with labor dispatch agencies and are then dispatched to enterprises that are recruiting


Chinese responses to Foxconn suicides

03 June 2010

Click here to download this introduction in PDF format CLNT_Foxconn_intro.pdf Foxconn has been … notorious amongst Chinese labor activists for years. Its enormous size, the strict discipline … imposed on its employees and its cramped dormitories with 3-tiered bunk beds make it stand out from … other Chinese IT factories not to mention the fact that it is the biggest manufacturer of … electronic and computer components in the world. But never has this Taiwanese corporate giant had to


The “Migrant Worker Commander”: Zhang Quanshou and the Quanshun Labor Dispatch Company

23 July 2009

In this issue of CLNT we address the increasing use of labour dispatch in China, with particular … focus on the unusual case of a company called Quanshun. Former migrant-workers-turned-entrepreneur … Zhang Quanshou has been hailed in the Chinese media, for pioneering a new model of labour dispatch … supposed to be a win-win for workers and employers alike. Quanshun dispatches workers on-demand, to … meet the fluctuating needs of manufacturing enterprises. When workers are no longer needed, Quanshun


A new precedent: Shenzhen furniture factory worker wins two years overtime back pay

14 November 2007

Chinese migrant workers being owed wages is a problem widely recognized in China. It is so common … that we have inadvertently taken it for granted. CLNT is fortunate to have come across a recent case … study that challenges the chronic underpayment of Chinese workers. There are two main ways that … workers are owed wages: 1) underpaid or unpaid overtime; 2) wage arrears for regular work hours. The … problem is so widespread particularly concerning overtime wages – that it has become the


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