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Chinese Labor NGOs and Free Legal Services Always in a Precarious Situation

26 January 2010

Click here to download this introduction in PDF format CLNT_NGOs_threat_INTRO.pdf This first CLNT … 2010 issue does not bring very good tidings. Fortunately the situation may not be as dire as it … looks. CLNT has in possession two Chinese government documents related to the so-called … professional citizens agents. The first one is a long investigative report issued a year ago in … January 2009 by the Guangdong Provincial Committee on Politics and Law of the Communist Party of


Dagongzhe Migrant Workers’ Centre fights on despite violent attack

15 December 2009

Click here to download this introduction in PDF format CLNT_Dagongzhe_INTRO.pdf It has been two … years since labor activist Huang Qingnan almost lost his leg to a machete attack on 20 November … 2007. The founder and registered person of the Dagongzhe Migrant Worker Centre in Shenzhen was … attacked in broad daylight for his work educating migrant workers about their legal rights and … assisting them take their disputes to court. Chinese labor rights NGOs in Shenzhen are accustomed to


Labor NGOs in Guangdong Province

07 January 2008

The last two CLNT postings were related to labor NGOs in Guangdong province. The first one was on … how, with the assistance of these grassroots NGOs, workers sometimes are able to receive a large … amount of unpaid wages or compensation for occupational injuries; the second article was on a … vicious physical attack against the head of one of these NGOs. In this issue we have chosen two … articles that provide a more detailed background on these NGOs to enable readers to gain a better


Shenzhen Labor Activist Attacked

06 December 2007

In this issue of China Labor News Translations we offer coverage of a savage attack on November 20 … against grass-roots labor rights advocate Huang Qingnan, of the Dagongzhe Migrant Workers Center, in … the Longgang district of Shenzhen. English language media coverage has begun to appear (for example … in the 11/28/07 Wall Street Journal), as the incident draws international attention. Here CLNT … provides two Chinese articles not otherwise available in English: Succession of Pearl River Delta


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