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The Dispatch Labor System in China Questioned

29 September 2011

Click here to download this introduction in PDF format CLNT_strike_law_intro This issue of China … Labor News Translations (CLNT) features three excerpts from published Chinese-language articles on … the labor dispatch system in China. In the past several years, the use of dispatch labor has become … a contentious issue in Chinese labor relations. Under the labor dispatch system, workers sign labor … contracts with labor dispatch agencies and are then dispatched to enterprises that are recruiting


The Nanhai Honda strike and the union

18 July 2010

Click here to download this introduction in PDF format CLNT_Honda_intro.pdf One of the most … interesting dimensions of the recent strikes at three Honda auto components factories in the Pearl … River Delta region has been workers clearly articulated demand for their enterprise unions to be … elected by and accountable to workers. Their demands are uncommon, but not unprecedented. Back in … 2006, workers at the Ole Wolff electronics factory fought for a workers elected union in Yantai.


Chinese responses to Foxconn suicides

03 June 2010

Click here to download this introduction in PDF format CLNT_Foxconn_intro.pdf Foxconn has been … notorious amongst Chinese labor activists for years. Its enormous size, the strict discipline … imposed on its employees and its cramped dormitories with 3-tiered bunk beds make it stand out from … other Chinese IT factories not to mention the fact that it is the biggest manufacturer of … electronic and computer components in the world. But never has this Taiwanese corporate giant had to


Migrant workers protest against poorly managed social security reforms in Guangdong

24 March 2010

Click here to download this introduction in PDF format CLNT_tuibao_2010_INTRO.pdf In July 2008, … CLNT provided extensive analysis of how Chinas social security system was failing migrant workers … especially when it comes to old-age pensions. Even though Chinese law requires old-age insurance for … all migrant workers, until recently, the funds in workers insurance account could not be … transferred between different cities and provinces. Hence when migrant workers returned home, or


Systematic government theft of migrant workers’ retirement pensions

13 July 2008

By law, Chinese employers are required to contribute to a government-administered retirement … pension scheme for all employees. In theory, it sounds like this provides for some kind of security … for migrant workers in their old age. But there is a catch. Migrant workers are highly mobile. In … Guangdong province, for example, migrant workers only stay for an average of four to six years … (Peoples Daily, 8 January 2008) and in that time they may well move between several different


Migrant Workers and the Chronic Problem of Owed Wages

20 February 2008

Chinese New Year has just passed. Before New Year millions of migrant workers hope to take their … income and return to their hometown for reunions with their families after one years hard work. … However, many of them have had to struggle for unpaid wages before they go home. In this issue, CLNT … has chosen three articles focused on the chronic social problem of owed wages in China. How serious … is the problem? We tried to find the exact statistics data but could not. On 26 December 2007, Sun


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