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Should China create a law on strike?

20 July 2011

Click here to download this introduction in PDF format CLNT_strike_law_intro Even though strikes … frequently occur across China, the country actually has no law regulating labor strikes. There is no … law permitting strikes, but at the same time there is no law banning them. After the high-profile … strike wave in the automotive sector last year, a small number of public comments were published in … China, online and in the print media, discussing the question of whether or not there should be


The Nanhai Honda strike and the union

18 July 2010

Click here to download this introduction in PDF format CLNT_Honda_intro.pdf One of the most … interesting dimensions of the recent strikes at three Honda auto components factories in the Pearl … River Delta region has been workers clearly articulated demand for their enterprise unions to be … elected by and accountable to workers. Their demands are uncommon, but not unprecedented. Back in … 2006, workers at the Ole Wolff electronics factory fought for a workers elected union in Yantai.


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