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Labor lawyer imprisoned in Xi’an for organizing against corrupt privatization of state enterprises

10 January 2011

Click here to download this introduction in PDF format CLNT_ZhaoDongmin_intro Against the backdrop … of Liu Xiaobo being awarded the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize, this issue of CLNT highlights the case of … Zhao Dongmin a labor lawyer and Maoist who on 25 October 2010 was sentenced to three years in … prison for applying to set up a workers organisation to monitor the privatization of state … enterprises and alert the authorities about cases of corruption. There are many worker activists and


Beijing Worker Takes Initiative to Establish Union in Privatized State Enterprise

22 October 2010

Click here to download this introduction in PDF format CLNT_LiuRongli_2_intro In this issue we … document how through the effort of one individual worker in Beijing, Liu Rongli, a small workplace … union branch was set up successfully against all odds. This case demonstrates that there is some … support within the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) for workers to take the initiative … to set up their own union branches, within the parameters of Chinas Trade Union Law. Five years


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